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Protect Your Sight from the Sun

No matter the season, your eyes need protection from ultraviolet rays that can damage your sight and increase your risk of eye diseases. Sunny days spent by the sea, sand, or snow can reflect glare into your eyes and damage your vision, so be sure to sport your sunglasses when enjoying your outdoor activities.

Cloudy days don’t offer much protection, either. UV rays can easily penetrate clouds, so overcast skies are not a reason to abandon your sun protection.

Even if you’re blessed with perfect vision, you still need sun safety. That’s why we have brands and styles to suit every member of your family.

We offer a wide selection of sunglasses in both prescription and non-prescription options. Come and see us today to pick your favorite pair.

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Sun Protection for Your Kids

Kids spend lots of time outdoors, exposed to UV rays. Be sure they’re protected year-round with a good pair of sunglasses. Always keep infants out of direct sunlight and provide the youngest members of your family with extra sun protection like a hat or an umbrella.

We will help you choose a pair of sunglasses that protects from both UVA and UVB rays and fits your child properly. The right fit will help to provide proper sun protection.

Visit us today to find sunglasses for your child.

Our Brands

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One of the most recognizable names within one of the nation’s favorite sports, Callaway has branched out beyond golf to make products that support an active lifestyle. Their ophthalmic eyewear collection features designs for men and kids that offer function and fashion all in one.

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Costa del Mar

Costa Del Mar is an American sunglasses brand that combines functionality, simplicity, and durability to enhance everyday life. Expertly engineered with high-quality materials, Costa Del Mar eyewear is a must-have for the coastal look.

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Rio Ray

Rio Ray's vast offering lets you choose that just right pair...or two. Their sunglasses can take you from the board room to the paddle board without compromising style or durability. You be you!

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Salt Life

Salt Life takes eye protection seriously. Each pair of frames is hand assembled in Italy by master craftsmen and exceeds all global standards for sunglasses. When investing in a superior pair of sport sunglasses, you may have questions about the technology and termonology used to describe our lenses. We are here to help!

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Sun Trends

Sun Trends is the affordable way to promote sun protection year-round. Includes styles for both men and women ranging from trendy to traditional. With glare-reducing polarized lenses, they’re perfect as is, over contacts, or as an Rx-able sunglass.

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